Ski Center Transfer

Private Chauffeured Transfer Service


Ski Center Transfer Transfer service, with a chauffeur, offers the perfect solutions you are looking for.

Renting the latest model and very comfortable vehicles with expert

drivers will make the transportation problem much easier.

Our teams, who arrive at another address in a short time

from the address you specified and go to the address you want,

have allocated new model comfortable vehicles for you.




You can find the holiday pleasure you are

looking for in the winter months in the ski resorts.

In ski resorts, it’s nice to have fun like children.

However, going to these centers is not easy either.

First, you book a place from the hotel and set off.

It’s always good to go with someone who knows the way.

For this reason, you should prefer our teams with the latest model vehicles

and experienced drivers to go to the ski resorts from the airport.

The places you will go for skiing will be mountainous and it is

necessary to prefer those who are experts on these roads.

For this reason, our company takes you to the ski

resorts safely in ski center transfer works.

By choosing our teams, you can go to the holiday centers safely and peacefully.




Don’t let the ordeal of the road overshadow your holiday enjoyment. You should choose ski center transfer services to have a special and effective holiday. In addition, airport, intercity, Ankara and Esenboğa transfer services are offered. We also offer chauffeur-driven car rental and wedding car rental services. For Ankara, you can travel comfortably to the places you want to reach with Ankara shuttle services.




In addition to our comfortable and latest model vehicles, our drivers using these vehicles have all the necessary documents. Our drivers, who are professionals in driving in traffic and elsewhere, have received special training in behavior. Our chauffeurs, who act according to the rules of courtesy, provide the best service in many sectors, whether it is airport transfer or ski transfer. In ski transfer services, our drivers who are experts in the roads of holiday resorts and our vehicles that are very resistant to winter conditions are preferred for you to have a safe journey.

Ski Center Transfer

Drivers who drive easily in cold, stormy or rainy

weather make transfers in a short time.

For those who want a public transport vehicle,

private chauffeured public transport vehicles are also rented.

Especially when it comes to bridal car rental,

there are the best vehicles and the best drivers.

Our vehicles used in the transfer process are insured.

Ski Center Transfer

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