Long Haul Car Rental with Driver


Long Haul Car Rental with Driver; If you want to get a transfer service

for the point you want to go to Ankara by air,

With our company, which is an experienced address in this sector,

you can ensure that everything happens as you hope.

Our brand, which helps every point of Ankara

with its high model and different number of people,

now it is ready to get a result as you hoped.

Providing service from the moment you land from the plane and

You can see how much difference we make with us making everything perfect.

Starting from 1-2 seater vehicle options to 46 seater bus option

We would like to give you the good news that we have experienced

the long-distance car rental process with a driver.

In order to give you the opportunities suitable for your pocket,

both at the shuttle and at the car rental

point with a driver, if you wish.

We would like to underline that we provide

uninterrupted support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We, the symbol of 100% satisfaction,

It also means that now everything happens as you wish.


Everything is OK with Aysa Vip Turizm – Long Haul Car Rental with Driver


Continuing its activities in this direction for a long time,

Aysa Vip Tourism aims to provide its customers with

full comfort with its vehicle fleet renewed every year.

Our company, which works to provide you with excellence in

situations such as business trips, trips or weddings,

It is also number one in fulfilling all demands both individually and institutionally.

Our site offers all the features for you to book in advance.

The vehicle you want as soon as you fill in the necessary information windows on our home page,

You can have a reservation for the date you want.

At the same time, you can be informed about the current amounts you will pay for long-distance car rental with driver.

You can also notice that we always undertake the most innovative works to pay the most economical price and to get results without encountering a single problem. Long Haul Car Rental with Driver


We Provide Authorized and Documented Transfer Transportation


As Aysa Vip, we would like to give the guarantee that we perform all our services with our authorized vehicle fleet. At the same time, all of our staff and drivers are solution-oriented and experienced people in their field. Our priority is always to provide a performance that you will be satisfied with. For this reason, the feedback from our customers is very valuable for us to renew ourselves. You can access all the information on our website with one click in order to learn about long-distance car rental with driver and other service points.

We are the only reliable organization company in the capital’s own sector. Our family is now contributing to you by considering the details so that you can experience a qualified process. You can call all day long for any urgent business, including midnight, and you can immediately send your requests to us.

With its ever-growing customer volume and the most economical price budgets since 2010,

From now on, you can make everything turn out wonderfully.

You can have the best as a domestic and foreign customer with us,

which never compromises its principles and quality under any circumstances and conditions.

You can also ensure that the transfer works are completed in a great way. Long Haul Car Rental with Driver