Car Rental with Driver; Aysa Vip Turizm offers its esteemed guests the most affordable prices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as transportation by disinfected vehicles after each passenger.

We also work with empathy as if we are serving our own family.

Car Rental with Driver – Airport Transfer – Intercity Transfer     

We are at your service for all your Transportation Needs.

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  • TURSAB is registered
  • A1 D2 B2 Certificate of authorization
  • The seats are insured vehicles
  • Src Psychotechnical certified drivers
  • Latest models of comfortable luxury vehicles
  • 24/7 Quality Transportation Service
  • Ankara Intercity Transfer
  • Car Rental with Driver in Ankara
  • Airport Transfer
  • And we are with you in all your transportation needs.


The transfer service is of great importance in urban and intercity transport. Reliable service, which is the basis of transportation and transfer service, is very, very important for you and your loved ones' transportation. Aysa Vip Tourism introduces you to a safe and friendly service.

What Is Offered In The Transport And Transfer Service?

All staff and drivers undergo special training and serve.

This training is not only good car handling, customer relations, psycho-technical tests

it also covers areas such as appearance and communication.

Because the basis of the service created by you guys is good and safe

it includes a friendly understanding of service.

Especially, having confidence is of great importance for your inner-city and long-distance travel.

Transfer from Ankara Airport

From the moment you get off from the airport, your journey continues in accordance with your wishes, without waiting at all. During this journey, you own all the details have been thought out and fun for making the trip; internet tools are also Multi Media, Film, TV, and all similar services, beverages, and the like are prepared in hygienic conditions and special for you all of the basic supplies. You can also decide on your other requests by contacting our customer relations specialist.

Transfer from Esenboga Airport

You will never experience a waste of time. At the most basic point of the service offered to you is the most planned evaluation of your time. The shortest routes to your destination are determined by considering the options and traffic conditions. During this trip, traffic speed limits are never exceeded and the rules are never broken.

Transfer to the Ski Resort

A reliable transfer to the most popular ski resorts in Turkey is provided. in addition, this journey starts from your home, if you want, or from the point that you will determine. It is ensured that not only you, but also your ski equipment is transported reliably and healthily.

Car Rental with Driver

You can rent any car with a driver in any time frame december. If you want, the vehicle arrives at the point you have determined and leaves you at the point you have determined. You get rid of all traffic stress and problems and just focus on your schedule.

Inter City Transfer

This service, which occurs especially in line with the increasing and increasing transportation needs, covers the reliable transfer of your family or you to another city. The biggest plus of this service is that it is priced close to the fare you pay for other public transport. In this way, the width of the vehicle that you will determine is made available to you.

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From 750TL


  • 40 Passengers
  • 40 Luggage
From 350TL

Wolksvagen Crafter

  • 16 Passengers
  • 16 Luggage
From 190TL

Mercedes Vito

  • 7 Passengers
  • 7 Luggage
From 140TL

Economic Car

  • 3 Passengers
  • 4 Luggage

Chauffeured Car Rental

In line with your Chauffeured Car Rental Reservation, whether it is from your address to the airport or from the airport to your address, our drivers, who know the addresses very well, will defy time and carry out your Chauffeured Car Rental process as soon as possible. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the latest model vehicle options and economical prices that will increase your prestige.

Inter City Transfer

Within the framework of Intercity Transfer services, prices always remain as they were mentioned in the first place, there is no fee again. Aysa Vip Tourism, which you can safely choose among Intercity transfer services, offers you a quality transfer service with very affordable prices and an understanding of the quality of service that is not available at any other company.

Delegation Protocol Transportation

Aysa Vip Tourism services has become a rapidly growing and confidently preferred company since 2010. The company, which has multiple transfer services on site, carries out many transportation services such as airport transfer, intercity transfer, transfer to ski resorts. Especially in the most preferred airport transfer services, Delegation Protocol Transportation is provided. In addition, transfer and Delegation Protocol Transportation services are provided for both short and long distances.

Esenboğa Shuttle

Aysa Vip Tourism services pay the most attention to customer satisfaction during its operation. It offers 24/7 transfers to Esenboga and shuttle services to Esenboga. With a high fleet of vehicles and reliable trained and certified employees, it ensures that the customer receives a reliable and comfortable transportation service. During the Esenboga shuttle service, the customer is expected in cases of retarking the aircraft, and the delay fee is not requested from the customer.

About us

Our team, who knows how precious time and comfort is for you, provides VIP transfer service to the address you want without any problems with your suitcases with excellent welcome service for you. Your transportation will be realized as soon as possible with our quality drivers who produce practical solutions for your needs. In addition, our company, which takes into account your special requests and solves them, provides Esenboga airport transfer service safely under our guarantee without any worries.

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It is the only company that works with empathy and produces solutions to all our problems in a short time. Endless thanks Aysa Vip Tourism!

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