Esenboğa Airport Transfer


Esenboğa Airport Transfer Transportation. The most used option used to be private vehicles or, if business travel, those made using a company vehicle. However, in this case, whether for business or private travel, traffic brings up many issues such as fuel expenditures and traffic fines. In this respect, a different option is traveling by renting a car. In this context, this preference has gained more and more popularity in recent years and has become more widespread. Many alternatives have been produced regarding the subject.


Car rental is one of them. There are many versions of car rental. One of them is to get a transfer service by taking package service, that is, by renting the vehicle with the driver. In transfer services, details such as the number of passengers from the departure point to the destination point are determined and the price is understood. These transfer services are various and are also available for airports. In this context, Esenboğa Airport Transfer is one of the services provided.


Aysa Vip Tourism and Services


Aysa Vip Tourism is one of the companies that provides services in this field and has made its name in the market in a short time. This company, which was established in Ankara, has services other than Esenboğa Airport Transfer. Apart from Esenboğa Airport transfer, mass transfers and transportation are provided for seminars and congress-like meetings.


All of the company’s vehicles are D2 certified and its personnel are trained and professional. The company is able to serve all its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is possible to make a reservation for the transfer to Esenboğa, by providing the necessary information in advance. As for Esenboğa Airport Transfer, it is possible to get this service by informing in advance for other types of transfer and even by making a reservation over the internet.


After the necessary organization is made in airport transfers,

the driver of the company goes to the meeting point and greets the

incoming guest with a banner with his name in his hand.

In case of not being able to meet in any way, the emergency phones

on the reservation forms can be called. In addition to these services

preferred in the business world, VIP car rental services are also provided for special occasions.

VIP car rental services

Especially on precious days such as engagement and wedding,

Aysa Vip Tourism stands by its valuable customers. It can also provide transfers to ski resorts in winter. Transparency in price policy is also one of the features of Aysa Vip Turizm. Pets weighing up to 5 kg can be accepted into the vehicles during the transfer. Unfortunately, our little friends with a weight of more than 5 kg cannot be accepted into our vehicles. In terms of timing, Aysa Vip Turizm is tolerant towards its customers. No extra payment is taken for reasons such as flight delays.


Making a Difference – Esenboğa Airport Transfer

As it can be understood from the images shared on the company’s blogs,

Aysa Vip Tourism is based on customer satisfaction and acts customer-oriented

while providing its service. With a policy other than this,

it is not possible to establish a throne in the heart of the customer.

The company has a wide range of vehicles starting from the

B segment and extending to the upper classes.

Thanks to this wide vehicle fleet, Aysa Vip Turizm

is able to offer its customers a distinctive service.

Of course, making a difference is not only possible with the vehicle

fleet and financial means. The real capital here is people.


The greatest strength is the smiling and well-equipped staff. Especially in the services provided with chauffeur-driven vehicles.

The driver’s behavior is not to be able to establish a good and

distanced dialogue with the customer when necessary.

Because while providing this service, the customer is

neither too far away nor does he want to stay away.

Showing unnecessary sincerity would not be appropriate to offend him.

Since this company, which was newly established in 2010, is aware of this fact,

It has succeeded in establishing a throne in

the hearts of its customers in a short time.

Aysa Vip Turizm with and without driver car rental transfer airport transfers

It can provide uninterrupted service to its

customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.