Ankara Airport Transfer 50 TL

Ankara Airport Transfer 50 TL

Ankara Airport Transfer 50 TL Your journeys will be much more enjoyable and comfortable with Aysa Vip Tourism, which is at the service of you, our valued customers, anytime and anywhere, with its vehicles that have the maximum feature in terms of comfort.

Our company aims to win the appreciation of you,

our valued customers, before the profit it will earn,

and it brings its customers together with services suitable for this purpose.

Our company, which has a variety of vehicles for the needs of its customers

by providing quality services to meet your travel, wedding and similar needs

continues to provide great convenience to your life.


Whether it’s a person or an institution in need of a vehicle,

our company continues to offer solutions to you,

valued customers, with its vehicles that will meet your vehicle needs instantly.

Our company, which has made a place for itself in

the transportation sector, is the address where you will receive

the most reliable and quality transportation services for our valued customers.

Our company, which produces fast solutions to your needs, provides uninterrupted service, including Ankara Airport Transfer 50 TL service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides quality service to its customers at economical prices.


With Airport Transfer Service, You Experience Comfort at the Top


Our company, which is at the service of you, our valued customers, with an understanding that does not compromise on quality,

offers vehicles that are suitable for all your needs and with a high level of comfort, in line with your needs.

After a tiring flight, it will reach your destination with maximum comfort,

quickly with the tools that will make you forget your tiredness.

Ankara Airport Transfer is at your service every hour of the day with the opportunity of 50 TL.

Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles with and without driver, with high comfort.

produces professional solutions for all your needs.


Whether your need is individual or corporate, we are at your service wherever you are.

We are with you with Ankara Airport Transfer service.

A comfortable and reliable airport transfer with our authorized and seat insured VIP minibuses

continues to offer its services to our valued customers with an increasing service quality.

Our company, which provides service in the province of Ankara, is a service for the person or person who needs a vehicle with or without a driver.

It responds to your needs in the fastest way

by combining affordable prices and comfort for institutions.

Any time of the day and whenever you need it

You can easily reach us at 0532 155 99 85 numbers.

Ankara Shuttle Prices

Ankara Shuttle Prices

Ankara Shuttle prices If you have a busy work schedule, transportation should have an important place for you.

If you have no time to lose, public transport and

commercial taxis will always make you lose time.

The most ideal form of transfer for you comes

to you thanks to Aysa Vip Tourism.

Thanks to our transfer services, which allow you to get things done right away,

without wasting your time, without using public transportation that will cause discomfort,

you can spend your time just for yourself.

If your return time is certain and your time is limited for daily arrivals,

Ankara Shuttle prices and options offered by our company mean a very important time saving for you.


Aysa Vip Tourism shuttle service allows you,

our valued customers, to use their time more efficiently.

Thanks to the vehicles we have specially allocated for you

on your departure and arrival,

you download them right in front of the address you want and

Even if it is another address you want,

we pick you up from the exact point and drop you off where you want.

Our aim in our shuttle services is for our customers to

use their limited time in the most efficient way and

is to be able to do their work quickly without losing time in traffic density.




You, our customers who will visit Ankara, can contact our company

and have more information about Ankara Shuttle prices and details.

You can find out all the details by calling our call center or from the

internet and you can benefit from our shuttle service.

Ankara Shuttle prices start from 100 TL for the number of passengers

between 1 and 3 people, and vary according to the location you will go to,

From 150 TL for the number of passengers between 4 and 6 people

starts vary depending on the location you are going to and

It starts from 200 TL for the number of passengers for 8 people, depending on the location you are going to. formatted.

In case of a change in the address you are going to, we receive a difference of 20 TL from our customers.


Do not doubt the comfort and durability of our vehicles.

Our drivers have all the documents and serve you as experienced in the field.

We also state that our drivers are trained in social communication at an advanced level.

We want our customers to know. For your questions and appointments on our website

You can reach us day and night.

In addition, you can contact us at any time from our call center and allocate a vehicle and

You can learn what you are curious about in other subjects.

If you want to get the best quality shuttle service, Aysa Vip Tourism is enough for you.

Intercity Transfers Ankara

Intercity Transfers Ankara


Intercity transfers Ankara Today, the rapid progress of science and technology is accompanied by

It has also brought a wide range of services in many fields. Transportation is one of them.

With the development of the private sector and incentives in Turkey,

it has also been in the transportation sector since the 80s.

Many developments have been seen.

Especially in big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul,

both at airports and from these cities.

private transportation in transit to other cities,

Ankara chauffeur-driven car rental, Istanbul car rental, etc. services are needed.


Quality service – Intercity Transfers Ankara


With the intercity transfers Ankara service, our company helps you in this regard. Since 2010, our institution has always had a name ahead of its competitors with the high quality service it has given to both Ankara and Turkey in general. Intercity transfer is a service that can be widely accessed throughout the city of Ankara. However, you will not encounter simple problems such as poorly designed vehicles and low logistics support that you encounter in other market companies.


All of the vehicles used by our company in Ankara chauffeur-driven car rental and all other services are vehicles with regular periodic maintenance, high-segment features, and everything you may need for your long and short trips.


Everything You Need


A wide range of services are provided within the scope of Ankara transfer facilities. These services, which you can reach 24/7, besides Ankara chauffeured car rental opportunities, Ankara airport transfer, bridal car rental, shuttle service that can be provided to Esenboğa and all other districts, intercity transfer Ankara services can be easily accessed through our company.


The Most Special Service


Our company has been shaped on a structure based on quality, mission and vision above all else. All of the possibilities offered in this scope are realized in this order. Ankara chauffeur-driven car rental and shuttle services are also symbols of this. Fast transportation and, above all, the comfort offered will make you very happy. The vehicles offered by our institution and our drivers consist of trained expert staff and have various documents. Delay etc. in intercity transfer Ankara services. If you experience transportation problems, you will not be charged.


Advanced Shuttle and V.I.P. Facilities


Ankara chauffeured car rental offers you the fastest transportation with the vip vehicle we provide. You can travel by advanced-looking passenger sedan vehicles or by vip minibuses. All of our vehicles have the most advanced and renewed designs.

In addition to personal transportation facilities,

our large vehicles and buses that provide collective and

corporate services can also be offered to your service.

Ski Center Transfer

Private Chauffeured Transfer Service


Ski Center Transfer Transfer service, with a chauffeur, offers the perfect solutions you are looking for.

Renting the latest model and very comfortable vehicles with expert

drivers will make the transportation problem much easier.

Our teams, who arrive at another address in a short time

from the address you specified and go to the address you want,

have allocated new model comfortable vehicles for you.




You can find the holiday pleasure you are

looking for in the winter months in the ski resorts.

In ski resorts, it’s nice to have fun like children.

However, going to these centers is not easy either.

First, you book a place from the hotel and set off.

It’s always good to go with someone who knows the way.

For this reason, you should prefer our teams with the latest model vehicles

and experienced drivers to go to the ski resorts from the airport.

The places you will go for skiing will be mountainous and it is

necessary to prefer those who are experts on these roads.

For this reason, our company takes you to the ski

resorts safely in ski center transfer works.

By choosing our teams, you can go to the holiday centers safely and peacefully.




Don’t let the ordeal of the road overshadow your holiday enjoyment. You should choose ski center transfer services to have a special and effective holiday. In addition, airport, intercity, Ankara and Esenboğa transfer services are offered. We also offer chauffeur-driven car rental and wedding car rental services. For Ankara, you can travel comfortably to the places you want to reach with Ankara shuttle services.




In addition to our comfortable and latest model vehicles, our drivers using these vehicles have all the necessary documents. Our drivers, who are professionals in driving in traffic and elsewhere, have received special training in behavior. Our chauffeurs, who act according to the rules of courtesy, provide the best service in many sectors, whether it is airport transfer or ski transfer. In ski transfer services, our drivers who are experts in the roads of holiday resorts and our vehicles that are very resistant to winter conditions are preferred for you to have a safe journey.

Ski Center Transfer

Drivers who drive easily in cold, stormy or rainy

weather make transfers in a short time.

For those who want a public transport vehicle,

private chauffeured public transport vehicles are also rented.

Especially when it comes to bridal car rental,

there are the best vehicles and the best drivers.

Our vehicles used in the transfer process are insured.

Ski Center Transfer

Ankara Cheap Transfer


Ankara Cheap Transfer Chauffeured car transfers service is a privileged service provided by quality and professional companies. For these services, there must be a fleet with new model vehicles, meeting all the needs, and a professional team consisting of fully trained people. The mentioned transfers can be to many different addresses.


Aysa Vip Tourism Services


As Aysa Vip Tourism, we provide Ankara Cheap Transfers to

all our customers who want a quality service in Ankara.

In addition, we provide many corporate services such as

intercity transfers, ski center transfers, Ankara shuttle service, car rental with driver.

All of our comfortable and new model vehicles that we use in

our Ankara Transfer service have D2 non-scheduled passenger

transport certificate and our drivers will not make you feel the shock

of the journey in our vehicles, have all the training and certificates

required by the Ministry of Transport, are experienced,

friendly and fully comply with your security and privacy,

psychotechnical and driver. consists of professionals with a license.


Our company, which has been breaking new ground in its sector

since its establishment in 2010, responds to all the needs of our

customers in many areas such as Ankara Cheap Transfer services,

intercity transfer, hotel transfer, Ankara shuttle services, bridal car rental.

We do not allow any disruption in our services where we produce

customer-oriented solutions. During the welcoming process at the airport,

our drivers greet you in the arrivals section with a banner with your name in

their hand. In case of any mishap, our drivers will contact you on your

mobile phone after a maximum delay of 45 minutes.

Ankara Cheap Transfer Service

In addition to our B and C segment luxury vehicles in our fleet,

we serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our Mercedes brand vip midibuses and buses.

Except for the fees determined as our service fee, you are not

charged any extra fees during your entire journey.

OUR SERVICES: Ankara Airport Transfer, Ankara Car Rental with Driver, Ankara Intercity Transfer, Ankara Vip Transfer, Ski Center Transportation Transfer,

Ankara Bridal Car Rental, Ankara Delegation Protocol Transportation, Ankara Cheap Transportation Service, Ankara Shuttle, Ankara Transfer, Esenboğa Shuttle,

Esenboğa Airport Transportation, Esenboğa Airport Transfer, Esenboğa Airport Transfer, Esenboğa Airport Shuttle and 24/7 uninterrupted service for all your transportation needs.

Ankara Airport Transfer Advice

Ankara Airport Transfer Advice


Ankara airport transfer advice Your way must pass through Ankara somehow. If you are planning to come to Ankara, call and we will prepare your vehicle at the airport.




With Ankara airport transfer advice, your private vehicle is waiting for you in front of the airport’s exit door, and our private transfer service is provided with the latest model luxury vehicles.

Our experienced staff working within our company can also send you to the address you want to reach.

It delivers it comfortably and in the fastest way within the legal framework.

Our Ankara airport transfer service is arranged according to your comfort.


The vehicles in the fleet of Aysa Vip Turizm have been specially

designed for your Ankara airport transfer advice.

Within the scope of our service, which is offered to you with special price options,

our personnel who will transfer you are certified,

and all of the vehicles we have used have the D2 authorization certificate.

All of our vehicles have all the documents legally and their

maintenance has been done on time. We will not give you any bad surprises.

Ankara Airport Transfer Advice

Aysa Vip Tourism carries out the transfer transactions of our

valued customers who come to Ankara for holidays, for private

ceremonies and ceremonies, for school or business reasons.

No matter what time your plane lands, your car will be waiting for you at the airport.

If you are late, our vehicle will still be waiting for you,

and our staff, who will be waiting for you at the airport exit gate with a banner,

will carry your luggage to the vehicle and place it.

We accept pets up to 5 kilos in our vehicles and transfer them.

You can get service with vehicles in the segment you want.

With the wide range of vehicles in our vehicle fleet, you can also

benefit from the car rental service with the capacity you want.

Our customers are not asked for any fee other

than the price mentioned when renting a car.


As Aysa Vip Tourism, we have been providing private rental services to our customers since 2010.

We continue to increase our service quality.

Until today, we have provided the transfer service of thousands of people without any problems.

Where our customers want to reach is important to us.

is to be transferred safely and be satisfied with our services.

To gain the trust of our customers, not their money, with empathy and to please our customers

we are working hard. As Aysa Vip Tourism, it is our vision to give confidence to our customers.

Ankara Airport Transfer Prices

Ankara Airport Transfer Prices


Ankara airport transfer prices  We know that transfer is the name given to the process of moving from one place to another. Also, the transfer is now made with high quality and affordable prices thanks to successful companies. These companies, which have a certificate of authority, do this job with a sufficient fleet and professional staff, and we offer a reliable transfer thanks to our transfer price, which is quite affordable and considers your pocket.


Transfer Fees


For Ankara airport transfer prices, customers first call

Aysa Vip Turizm and indicate where they want to go.

In this way, we tell the fees from the beginning and we

do not charge any other fees other than the agreed price.

Thanks to the phone numbers of the driver of our vehicle

who will transfer with our customer, we provide meeting and meeting.

When the customer lands at the airport, there are people who greet

him and these people direct the customer to the vehicle.

We collect the fees after our customer reaches the vehicle and the vehicle moves.


Ankara Airport Shuttle Services


Services provided between Esenboğa Airport; Transfers are also made to these regions during the ski season, and this is not a type of transfer made in every transfer company. This is one of the company’s differences. Thanks to this type of car rental, customers can work more comfortably by avoiding traffic and focusing only on their work, without thinking about possible traffic fines, fuel and budget.


Ankara airport transfer prices


In this regard, among transfer services, such a system is a real advantage.

Aysa Vip Tourism was founded in 2010 and although we are a young company,

We succeeded in establishing a throne in the hearts of people who received this service in a short time.

Another important privilege of Aysa Vip Turizm is the availability of reservations via the website.

By specifying the number of people, we provide information for reservation and price determination.

We have specialized in our reliable airport transfer service for years and

do all our documents exactly with our expert staff.

We make sure that all our corporate or individual guests are happy and

We work with all our efforts to ensure that they have a safe trip.

Please contact for comfort and reasonable price.

Uber Service

Uber Service

Uber Service welcomes thousands of people every day, especially business. Esenboğa airport is one of the busiest airports. If comfort is important to you in transportation from Esenboğa to Ankara and its surroundings, the only thing to do is Ankara Emek is one of the most visited districts. You can also get help from the company about Uber Service.


Services That Make a Difference in Transfer Service


The company provides transfer services to all districts of Ankara, except for Uber Ankara. Through the company, you can get the best conditions for vip transportation, car rental and many more with the most reasonable numbers. Company services, etc. For information, you can get help via toll-free numbers or the site.


Vip Uber Service in Ankara


For those looking for the best conditions for transportation in Ankara,

the website provides the expected service.

By contacting the company, you can get help on vip transportation,

car rental with and without driver, and many more.

The service provided is at a level that will make a difference

compared to other companies in terms of quality.

You can contact the company 24 hours a day.

It provides service to numerous destinations, especially Uber Ankara.


Service Areas


The company provides services in Ankara as well as outside Ankara.

By contacting the company, you can see that Uber Ankara is not the only service point.

We provide services to Ankara and its surroundings under the best conditions.

We provide every service you will receive with the vehicles that our company guarantees.


Transfer services that work with quality and do not compromise on this understanding are preferred by many passengers. You can go to Çukurambar from Esenboğa Airport by Esenboğa airport transfer. In addition, transportation is also provided from Çukurambar to Esenboğa Airport. With a private transfer between these locations, the journey will be completed without any problems.


In order to benefit from the Esenboğa airport transfer service, reservations must be made. In this way, the service will be used directly and without any problems. All kinds of information requested in reservation transactions must be entered completely and correctly. Thus, the service between the transfer to the Esenboğa airport is carried out in a positive way. During the transfer, the individual will benefit from all kinds of privileges he/she wishes. In this way, the individual will be able to relieve his fatigue easily and comfortably.

Private Driver Ankara



Private Driver Ankara service is a service provided for individuals or institutions to be taken from the address they want with their own vehicles with easier, comfortable and affordable prices and to provide easy transportation to the address they want (in the city or outside the city).

Those who want to hire a Private Chauffeur in Ankara will

have trouble-free journeys as they will provide their travels

from professional drivers with expert authorization certificates.


Why Private Chauffeur? – Private driver Ankara


Hiring a private driver will always save you.

The reason for this is that you will not have to interrupt

your other work due to travel.

You will not have to deal with traffic route etc problems.

It will be enough to tell your driver where you want to go

and you will be able to sit back and concentrate on your other tasks.


Private Driver Benefits


Drivers with Src and Psycho-Technical certificates,
They use all kinds of vehicles from car to bus,
Drivers with knowledge of intercity roads,
They do this as a profession,
Since they earn their living from this job, they work with empathy.


Quality Transportation in Ankara


Ankara is one of the places where many people come every day

because of the fact that there are businesses that shape both

the school and the business world.

You may face some problems in transportation in Ankara.

In particular, there are major problems with the transportation

of delegations, large groups and special guests.

You have the opportunity to get rid of all such evenings by

contacting the website


What are the Services Provided by the Firm?


By contacting the company, you can get transfer assistance not only for the Private Driver, but also for everything outside of Ankara. Special groups and those who want vip service are provided with professionals with all the equipment. You are under the guarantee of the company as long as you benefit from the company.

Quality Airport Transfer


Customer satisfaction is gained as a pioneer in airport transfer services. We prefer high quality and latest model vehicles for all kinds of transportation. Depending on your request, we carry out your transfer transactions through professional procedures. For this, first of all, we make your transfer with our qualified, trained and experienced service teams. Therefore, you can reach our company for your Esenboğa airport transfer service requirements whenever you want.


Based on customer satisfaction, the inspections of our transfer vehicles are comprehensive. With care and dedication, you will be able to access your address regardless of the distance from the airport. Our service is carried out professionally, regardless of time difference. All necessary procedures are followed for Esenboğa airport transfer. By improving our services for full-time transfer application, we offer you perfect access. You can contact our company to make your transfer within the framework of quality.

Ankara Airport Transfer Service

Ankara Airport Transfer Service

Ankara Airport Transfer Service You may be traveling a lot by air. Or you may be traveling by plane very rarely. If you want to have a well-organized journey, we will help you to make the most accurate plan after the flight. We strongly recommend that you use airport transfer, especially if it is a city you will visit for the first time. Ankara airport transfer service is trying to give you the best service.


If we open the airport transfer case a little bit, you can see how comfortable the organization is. First of all, when you buy your flight ticket, make sure to book your transfer. A suitable vehicle will be arranged for you in accordance with your landing time. When you land, you will come across a sign with your name on it. You will be picked up from the airport by an expert team and we will take you to your destination with the relevant vehicle. Ankara airport transfer service turns your journey into pleasure for you.

Ankara airport transfer service – Aysa Vip Tourism

If you have planned a business trip or vacation, you should also

consider the means to get to and from the airport.

In cases where you want to go to the airport with your own vehicle,

it is important where you leave the vehicle later.

You will have to drop off at the airport parking lot

when there is no point to drop off.

How long you stay is an important point.

If you are going for a long time, it will not be possible to leave

it in the parking lot, or it will cost a lot.

You are going to make your journey to the airport by public transport,

it will be a more tiring and burdensome journey in terms

of your cargo and belongings. If you want to have a comfortable journey,

you should use Ankara transfer service for your journeys to and from the airport.

Quality and Reliable Travel – Ankara Airport Transfer Service

When you get off the plane, the person in charge will greet you at the exit. You will immediately notice him with the sign with your name in his hand. If your flight is delayed, you do not need to pay any extra. You may not be able to head for the exit immediately after landing. In this case, the staff member will be waiting for you for an hour. If you still cannot find it, you can call and inquire through the call center.


Transfer is very important for not only you but

also your family to have a comfortable journey.

Moreover, while you do not pay any fee

for your children in the 0-2 age category,

We apply a discounted tariff for your children up to 3-11 years old.

Not only your children, but also your pets up to a certain weight can be transported by us if you take the necessary safety precautions. After all this information, if you have a travel itinerary in the near future, you should make the appropriate transfer for your ticket immediately. Then you will start to enjoy this comfortable journey. The company will do everything in its power for your safety and comfort.