Ankara Vip Transfers

Ankara Vip Transfers Aysa Vip Tourism, founded in 2010; We have been providing reliable service for years. Transportation occupies space as a necessity in people’s lives most of the time. Everyone may have to travel from time to time or may have to travel voluntarily. You may not have your own vehicle or you may not want to go out with your own vehicle. For this reason, you can often get help from bus companies or companies that provide Ankara Vip Transfers transportation.


Our company, which started its operations in 2010, serves you with high standards with confidence. which provides services in many areas such as Ankara Vip Transfers, first started to serve in Ankara.

Our company Aysa Vip Tourism fulfills these tasks both for your

intercity journeys and for the journeys you want to make individually.

you will travel; You can get your ticket and make a reservation by

calling our contact number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our luxury vehicles are also used for public transportation.

The safety of all our passengers is important to us,

so our seats are insured for all our passengers.

business meetings you need to go on time

Ankara Shuttle service with Aysa Vip Turizm; You can buy both reliable and high quality.

Moreover, among our customers who want to travel individually,

you can travel alone as you wish with our private luxury vehicles.

Again, you can make your journey without tiring yourself with our private chauffeured vehicles.

You can easily complete your journeys thanks to the intercity transfer

Will make both in your business life and in your private life.

You can easily reach the business meetings you need to go on time. For people who want to rent our vehicles, you can contact our contact numbers and choose your vehicle and receive it.


All documents of our drivers are complete. You can benefit from our service with peace of mind. All documents are available in our records and legal documents system. In addition to their driver’s licenses, there are documents in which they received training in psychotechnics. If you have any complaints or requests, you can always contact us. You can also get information about our services by browsing our web pages. We wish you safe travels.