Ankara Intercity Transfer

Ankara Intercity Transfer People have been traveling for years, both for business and private life. For this, private vehicles or company vehicles are used. There are many disadvantages such as traffic stress, traffic fines, fuel costs and even the risk of traffic accidents, whether with private or company vehicles. In this context, many options arise in this regard.

Car rental is one of these options. Car rental also has options such as chauffeured or mass transfer. This has revealed many service options for companies doing this business. Transfer service is one of them. For long distances, Ankara Intercity Transfer service is one of these services.

Who is Aysa Vip Tourism?

Aysa Vip Turizm is also one of the companies that provide services in

Ankara Intercity Transfer. This company, which was established in 2010,

provides services for the business world such as intercity transfer,

vip transfer, as well as transfers and vip transfers for wedding organizations.

The driver’s approach is very important, as Ankara Intercity Transfer

is made with chauffeur-driven vehicles.

Whether it is Ankara Intercity Transfer service or one of the other transfer services, Aysa Vip Turizm’s drivers are legally certified and equipped with the necessary certification. Aysa Vip Turizm’s vehicles are D2 certified. The company can serve its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drivers also have src and psychotechnical certificates.

For this service, there are shuttle services from all over the country to

Ankara and from Ankara to all over the country.

Many risks and responsibilities are eliminated by renting a car with a driver.

In driverless car rentals, if the vehicle malfunctions and it is

thought that the malfunction is caused by the driver’s fault,

the driver is paid for the breakdown costs. However,

there is no such risk in renting a car with a driver.

When we look at the vehicle park,

it is seen that it has a very large vehicle fleet.

It can start from vehicles in the B and C segments and

go up to the upper classes. In this way, it is to deliver its services to a wide audience.

Quality service – Ankara Intercity Transfer

Working in this field requires a great deal of responsibility and dedication. Because the life of everyone in the vehicle is entrusted to the driver and the driver is responsible in every way. It is among the expectations of the passengers to have a pleasant journey, as well as to arrive at their destination safe and sound. Especially in the summer season, while transfers gain speed, the risk of accidents also increases. While assuming this responsibility, it takes a special skill to finish the trip comfortably without boring the passenger. This mastery is also available in Aysa Vip Tourism.

The main capital of the company is human and the biggest investment is made in it. It provides frequent training to its personnel in this regard. In this way, all employees, from the driver to the back service personnel, are aware of their responsibilities. In the service industry, there is a fine line between doing the job well and not boring the customer. The real professionalism is to walk on this fine line. Quality service is also provided in this way. In addition, the diversity of service and solution-oriented work are also very important and necessary.

Perfect Service

Aysa Vip Tourism can continue its work by maintaining its sensitivity in this regard. Since it was able to walk so sensitively on this fine line, it was established in 2010 and has become the darling of a wide customer base in such a short time and has established itself in the market. The most important factor that adds value in service is people. This has been adopted as the basic principle of Aysa Vip Turizm. Then comes a strong infrastructure.

Aysa Vip Tourism also strengthens its vehicle fleet in order to strengthen this infrastructure. In this way, he works to make his work perfect by providing a more luxurious service with more comfortable vehicles. In this way, it works with all its strength to achieve the perfect service standard.

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